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Monday, October 23, 2006

Narcissistic tendencies

For some reason I lay in bed last night thinking about the title of this blog. "MY life, MY thoughts, MY work". It appears I'm pretty wrapped up in myself. If you just looked to see the title and noticed it doesn't say that, well you're too late. I changed it. Sure, the new title conveys the same message, but it doesn't sound so self-centered.

You know what else I was thinking about in bed last night? Curling. Yes that's right, curling--the game that most Americans didn't know existed until tuning in the Winter Olympics some late night. Have I ever participated in this game? No. Have I ever watched an actual match? No. Have I seen anything over and above clips on an Olympics recap show? No. So what exactly was I thinking about last night? Well, here's where the narcissistic tendency comes back into play. I was laying in bed thinking about how I would approach each delivery of the stone and how my approach would probably be superior to other approaches. I figured the key to doing well in this game I've never played would be to have sweeping brooms with 3 different levels of 'grip'. The person furthest from the stone would have the broom with the most bite and then the next player would have one intermediate in bite, and the person closes would have a broom that leaves the ice the smoothest. It's kind of like sanding something. Start with the lowest grit (most bite) and then move up in grit (and down in bite). What's so surprising to me is that I don't even know if you can do that. To tell the truth, I don't even know if you have 3 sweepers or not. For some reason I thought I had the key to the game. Why did I think that's the best way to go? I have no idea but I have a feeling it's because I thought of it.

What can I do about these narcissistic tendencies? I'm not sure, but if past experience is any indication, I'm sure I'll think of the correct thing to do pretty quickly.