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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Denomination Selector

I recently ran across a really interesting website (Denomination Selector) that would tell you what denomination (or for the A/G, 'fellowship') you should join given your beliefs about certain doctrines. Now, I have no idea who put this together, or how it is put together, but the results are pretty interesting (and funny!). I did notice that there are 24 questions and 24 denominations, so it could be the case that each question represents at least one denomination. I don't really feel like going through several different trial runs to test the results. I actually think it is more complicated than that, given the possible answers of agree, disagree, or no preference and the ability to rank each question's level of importance as high, medium, or low. Here are my results for your viewing pleasue:

  1. Methodist/Wesleyan Church
  2. Assemblies of God
  3. Mennonite Brethren
  4. Free Will Baptist
  5. Evangelical Lutheran Church
  6. Presbyterian Church USA
  7. Seventh-Day Adventist
  8. Southern Baptist
  9. Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
  10. Orthodox Quakerism
  11. Presbyterian Church America
  12. Reformed Baptist
  13. Reformed Churches
  14. Church of Christ
  15. Episcopal/Anglican Church
  16. International Church of Christ
  17. United Pentecostal Church
  18. Eastern Orthodox Church
  19. Roman Catholic Church
  20. Jehovah's Witness
  21. Mormonism
  22. Liberal Quakerism
  23. Unitarian Universalism
  24. Unity Church
I thought I'd add that I think some denominations have to show up; so please don't send me any 'concerned brother/sister' stuff about some of the results (especially towards the bottom). Click the link to take the test for yourself Denomination Selector.


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