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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oh the web we weave...

What is the number one thing that almost every United States president has said is vitally important to export to other countries? Answer, democracy. Democracy has long been heralded as the only acceptable form of government. All else fails short of what democracy can bring to the people of a country. Fast forward to an article in today’s New York Times.

”The United States and Israel are discussing ways to destabilize the Palestinian government so that newly elected Hamas officials will fail and elections will be called again, according to Israeli officials and Western diplomats.”

So, Hamas is democratically elected as the new authority, but the U.S. and Israel don’t like who was elected, so that election isn’t supposed to count. What is really interesting is that the whole idea is to destabilize the government so the people will be upset with Hamas and elect someone else. It seems that many people will realize why things are so difficult and be angry with the U.S. and not Hamas.

Why would they want Hamas out? Well, many people aren’t happy with their terrorist activities, and I’m not a big fan of terrorism myself. However, we don’t want to forget that before Israel was recognized as its own nation, they were pretty active in terrorism themselves. How do you think England felt about the Colonies’ actions before the U.S. won the revolution? It’s important to distinguish between an organization engaging in terrorist activities to advance an ideology alone and one that is trying to win political independence. That was the case with the U.S. and Israel, after winning what they wanted, the terrorism ceased. Back to Hamas, because this organization was democratically elected, shouldn’t we at least wait to see if their terrorist activities continue or if they will now begin engaging in diplomacy to advance their desires?

I leave you with this; what country has been the frontrunner in acknowledging Hamas as a legit government? Russia. Yeah that’s right, Russia, our former “Cold War enemy” is leading the way in accepting a democratically elected government. I find that very interesting. It seems that the U.S. should change its pro-democracy stance to pro-democracy-if-you-elect-who-we-want-elected.


J. Sivadon said...

Franks... You dumb ass.... Hamas is a terrorist group not because they have a political agenda, but because they like virtually all other terrorist groups are true islamist.... not the watered down version that we actually accept into our country.... If hamas gets their way, then they will only want more....Have you not been paying attention? Give them land.... And they only want more.... It's like spoiling a child.... Their never satisfied...but supporting them would just be another way of saying that we agree with what they are...terrorists..... not about to happen.... And sure... we preach democracy and want our guy to be elected.... But why not? whats the point of sending in troops.... cleaning up a mess and then turning it back over to the enemy? For peace to exist in the region, their idiology has to change.... they must believe that they have equal rights and that freedom is not just a dream, but can become a lifestyle....If it can catch on in one nation...oh let's say for example, Iraq.... Then it just might spread to other nations surrounding it.....

Note: this was originally posted at another blog site, but I wanted to include it here because I will soon no longer use that other site and wanted this for future reference.

Paul said...

First, nice ad hominem, how about we talk about the argumentation for a while before jumping to conclusions about someone’s intellectual merits?

You say Hamas is a terrorist group because they are truly Islamic in their beliefs. Well, that may be true but it has yet to be seen if they’ll continue their terrorist activities post-election. Why not allow them into the diplomatic realm to encourage them to not revert to terrorism in the future? If you want to believe that in order for someone to be truly Muslim, then they have to believe in terrorism, that’s fine but it is open to a lot of problems. Of the many, one is that there are many Islamic leaders that so denounce terrorism. Another is that it would be really easy to say if you want to be a true Christian you have be on board with the fundamental types like Jerry Falwell. That may not be problematic to you, but that’s not an association I want. Third, there were lots of terrorist activities by Christians in the Middle Ages, we don’t think they were right in the same way some contemporary Muslims don’t think terrorism is right.

You ask if I’ve been paying attention and argue that Hamas is always after more. Could you give me examples of that, because I probably haven’t been paying enough attention because all I know is they wanted their land back and to be officially recognized as a political parties (sounds awful similar to Israel’s claims in the earlier part of the 20th century).

In response to the bit about not letting the enemy back in charge, well that’s just silly. If the people of a country want a certain person elected, then who are we to say that those people are wrong? It’s their country, not ours. If we want a democracy in that land, then we need to accept who they elect.

“whats the point of sending in troops.... cleaning up a mess and then turning it back over to the enemy?” Well, I’m not sure, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to begin with.

“they must believe that they have equal rights and that freedom is not just a dream, but can become a lifestyle…. What people are we referring too? The people that we want to have rights, or just the people of the country? If it’s the latter, then we can’t say “You are a person with equal rights, but you can’t elect who you want elected. We get to do that for you.”

Now, as I mentioned in my original post, if Hamas uses their new position to further their terrorist activities, then I’m all for pressuring for their removal. What I’m not for is the U.S. and Israel trying to make sure their government doesn’t work because the political party they wanted to win didn’t.
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