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Thursday, June 08, 2006

A new house and other miscellany

1) My wife, Tina Marie, and I closed on a house this morning. We're pretty excited about it and can't wait to start moving into to it. The whole process has been so smooth and stress-free, it's amazing. I can't believe I'm old enough to buy a house and finally in a place to afford one (that last part is mostly due to my sugar-momma [who is not yet a momma!], remember grad students don't get paid much). I bought a really nice 2 wheel dolly from Home Depot today; the beginning to my new tool collection!

Here's one pic of the house from the realtor website we found it on. Once we take our own I'll post some more.

2) Game 1 of the NBA Finals is tonight. I'm in shock that the Mavs made it. I've been wanting this for so long I can't believe it's happening. I really don't like Shaq, Gary Payton, or Pat Riley and love Mark Cuban, Dirk-the-German-wonder, and Avery Johnson so I'm sure you know who I'm pulling for. I really hope the refs don't decide the series either way. The NBA is very susceptible to having games ruined by ticky-tack fouls (or fouls only going one way). I'm hoping for another good series with no external influences.

3) I submitted my general exam reading list today and promptly realized that I left out Leibniz's contribution to the problem of evil debate. That's a big mistake that I'm sure I'll hear about from my committee. Oh well.

4) I started painting this huge house in OKC this week and it's going to be a killer. Its a 2 1/2 story wood paneled house that has like 45 foot gables. Me and a good friend from the philosophy program are painting it together. This week we worked 7 to 5 and will probably keep that schedule most of the summer so we can actually finish it. I'll post a pic of it when I can.

Well, that's about it for now.


Drew said...

Looks like you guys found a quaint home and unlike many homes in the DFW area, it has nice grass. Let's hope the MAVS can get it together after the game 3 fiasco.

TinaMarie said...

Your sugar-momma loves you much! Can you believe we're at this point in our lives already? So blessed. Happy Anniversary, bayba!